Art| Gallery All Presents The Intense Theme of ‘The Intersection of Art and Design’


Shanghai’s Gallery All takes on the age old battle between Art and Design with their latest collection for show dubbed ‘First Of All‘ . Curated by Violet Wang, “First of All” gathers together a renown clique of artists, designers and art collectives, who ponder on the potential found in intersecting themes.

“The creations in this exhibition imply a fresh artistic experience at a time when the visual has generally become people’s primary reality,”

– Violet Wang stated.

Member’s of the list of celebrated figures included, James Jean who presents a gleaming sculpture titled Descendent. The sculpture measured in at10-feet tall, the Taiwanese-American artist depicts an upside-down child cast in mirror-polished stainless steel. Jean maintains his mantra with this piece, being the process of artmaking can be equated to floating in between the worlds of fantasy and reality.

This show also includes amazing talents like Chulan Kwak, Daishi Luo, Hua Wang, and many others. The exhibition will be on view at Gallery All until March 6, 2022.

Gallery ALL
66 Yuyao Road,
Shanghai, China1

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