• Returning with a new single is Toronto based rapper Jazz Cartier, which makes this the first release since the release of his mixtape Maurading In Paradise. Dubbed “Stick and Move”, Jazz delivers head-strong rhythmic lyrics over the crisp production of LANTZ. Using the clever euphemism, the song indicates the steady action that Jazz encounters when going head to head with these ladies. He’s basically announcing his plans for a short but sweet visit that he hopes they don’t cling to. In the song he references other potential introductions like the music industry and past friendships, but makes it known he can hold his own like any heavyweight. Lyrics like  “I’m so ahead of myself/Nowadays, I’m declining features, know why?/’Cuz I can do it better myself.” speaks volumes of how Jazz sees his career and the route he wants to take to the top. Now enjoy his newest!


Music| @TheChainSmokers Start Their ‘FriendZone’ Tour Off w/ New Track “New York City”

• The phenom duo known as The ChainSmokers made a strong claim when they decided to produce a new track monthly, and since this announcement this past summer, they have yet to miss a beat. May begun the musical journey with the BullySongs featured track “Good Intentions” which caught fire instantly. Many great records followed like “Roses” and “Waterbed“, but this months releases hit home for a city boy like myself. Dubbed “New York City” the track is as bright as the city lights and features the feathery vocals of singer Olivia Zaro who story-tells a love being lost to another. The deceleration in the hook begs the Big Apple to handle her with care as she gives up her worries and enjoys the night.

Upbeat and synth-heavy, the track resembles most of the releases by The ChainSmokers and takes focus on great vocal arrangement. The amazing house track is built for a celebration even though the lyrics don’t demand that response. Infectious and brilliant, the duo once again give fans another reason to leave trouble at home, go out and dance til their legs give way. Well at least that’s what the expectation is for participants attending their upcoming shows from their ‘FriendZone Tour‘. The Tour is sure to feature the six tracks placed on their latest Ep – Boutique.

Two Tour buses take off to journey through 40+ cities across North America as The ChainSmokers enlighten your life with hit after hit. Starting off in the country music capital, Nashville will get their dose of electric-house takeover. The Matoma Full Monte stage production will accompany as the stage performance is suggested to blow minds with a 3-D visual projection. The tour travels to many cities featuring many artist such as JAHKOY, Cheat Codes, Protohype, Ansolo and many more. The ChainSmokers love their strong fan base and will be delivering new tracks monthly and visuals along the way. Stay tune.

FUN REAL FACTS by @TheChainSmokers
1) 100 versions of this song were made
2) First place we ever played this song was in Boston, sort of ironic
3) Mets clinched the world series same week we are releasing this! GO METS!
4) This is one of the first demos we ever received when we signed to our first major
5) If you lift a kangaroo’s tail off the ground it can’t hop. Lol

Tickets for Friendzone Tour can be found HERE on their Facebook page with tickets already available for each stop. If you’re digging “New York City” and the rest of Bouquet – EP, you can purchase it on iTunes HERE.

For more information on the tour check out the poster below!



Music| Stream The New Self-Tilted @11_11music EP “11:11” Now


• Toronto is on a rampage when it comes to delivering new sensational music and sounds as they have surfaced as the mecca for trance and R&B music these days. A new name runs across our table and we plug in our headphones, turn the music to a deathly blaring point, and tune into one of Toronto‘s new vocal sensations who goes by the unique name 11:11. The numbers we are sure are super sentimental to the artist, but traditionally this combination of numbers on your clock symbolizes Good Luck. From what is supplied on the self-titled EP ‘11:11‘, the young singer has luck already on his side. That luck comes accompanied by great production, intense writing and a vocalist who can keep your musical ear entertained.

The seven song EP comes equipped with stories of seduction, satisfaction, security and if played at the right moment can be so rewarding. Smooth in sounds, but fierce in message, each track is captivating which lets us know time in the studio was well spent. A few of our favorites are “West Side” which plays perfectly towards that Toronto trance that has been overly developed in the past few years. Another hit according to us is “My Bish” which 11:11 states his claim of the women that has his interest. The production quality of this entire EP is epic and 11:11 is responsible for a few of those tracks himself. Overall The EP Is Worth A Listen!


Music| Listen to New Single “Control Me” by @OBESONmusic via @ShorneMarkley

• Gifted to us from the musical findings of Shorne Markley, curator of Hegemon, Lavish and CMO at @TheEDMNetwork, is the newly re-released single “Control Me” by Toronto producer OBESØN. Obesøn curates a jazz based production that is plated perfectly for the vocal assistance from London based vocalist Sakima. The groove is structured around the redundant 808 bass and unpredictable synths. Mid-way we meet the sax soloing backed by the smooth key-work of the jazz piano and the the sudden vocal break that leads the rest of the song. The transparent mesh of these two talent’s leaves us with an organic outcome of what great music sounds like. This one collaboration is just one of our favorites from OBESØN here, but take time to check out “Say My Name” feat Cheney, “Take It” w/ Chris Diamond and “I Need You To Need Me” . More features from this collection of talent is sure to come, just stay tuned.


Music | Labor Day Weekend Music Drop feat. @kevincossom @Partyomo @torylanez and more


Labor Day Weekend holds many treats that all can enjoy and some for a more mature crowd, but we’re here to talk about the music that has been featured this national holiday weekend. Artist from all over decide to make this a debut weekend for a potential hit record. Some artist just happen to know what their doing and using this chance as a marketing weekend for a well prepared plan. Either way we have captured a decent list of great listens. Artist who have the radio taken over and some underground artist ready to levitate. Here Is Our List!

L A B O R . D A Y . W E E K E N D

I’m Good – PARTYNEXTDOOR feat. Amir Obe :

This track brings back Party’s signature, sultry sound, while Brooklyn-based collaborator Amir Obé jumps on the tune’s second verse.

Levitate – Kevin Cossom :

This track is a smooth uptempo declaration of Kevin’s soon to notice rise to the top.

INTUITION – Tory Lanez feat. BenZel :

Another hit track with a subtle vibe and trance bass and synth combination that has made Tory Lanez a growing household name.

Out West – Two-9 (prod. by Mike-Will Made It):

This rap record holds a classic summer-ender feel perfect for a celebration and definitely a cook-out.

Change – K.Camp feat. Jeremih :

This live band based production is covered with a great vocalassistance supplied by Jeremih and draped in deep, home hitting lyrics from K.Camp.

Tell Your Friends Freestyle – Drake :

 The Weeknd’s Kanye West produced track receives an official OVO Sound remix from Champagne Papi himself.

Music| Listen To @Waldo_AGO & @BeatsBySavon New Track “616”

• Paying Homage to their home, Grand Rapids, Michigan based #AGO artist Waldo and Savon join forces for their new single “616“. The short-lived summers, long-lasting winters, and some of the coldest air in America comes from the frigid streets of Grand Rapids, but accompanying these below freezing temperatures are the piercing lyrics and stand-alone production of the AGO team. Leading lyricist Waldo collabs with the teams rising producer Savon in this dim spirited track “616”. Placing high confidence in their efforts to support their homebase, Savon produces a deep bass, dream-land synth track for Waldo to deliver strong lyrics with his laid back flow. Maintaining the mystic sounds and off-time patterns that AGO is so well known for continues on this track. Mixed and Mastered by other team member @SeventhSounds, “616” was a true team effort and what #AGO stands for. With much work being done as a team and seperately, we cannot stress the appreciation and support we have for the #AGO family. Do us a favor and Go Follow them and enjoy their passion and talents.


Music| Stream @SheIsBaeGod New EP “BedRoomTrap Vol 1: VAMPIN”

• Above is the tracklist for one of GoodGarbs’ most anticipated EP’s of this year, “BEDROOMTRAP VOL. 1: VAMPIN”, which comes from the LA-based musical talents of MaryAnn mostly known as BAEGOD™. Dubbed VAMPIN, this is the 1st volume of the BedRoomTrap series that we are expecting to support and blare every chance we get. BAEGOD™ has captured our ears with her unique vocal range, her amazing word-play and lyrical arrangement. Fully produced by SBVCE, the three-dimensional producer supplies MaryAnn with some futuristic productions and sound kits drafted specifically for her vocal capabilities. The EP indulges in features from close friends and talents like G Scott, Takticz and more. VAMPIN gives light on a strong, independent yet sensually sexy woman, who when she chooses plays the laid-back lady or the sexy aggressor. SBVCE doesn’t shy away from play horns and persistent drum patterns through-out. The allure of being a reliable lover and a strong back-bone to one’s significant other is the mass message, mixed with a dab of bad behavior and temptation. This collection of masterful music can easily be set on repeat during any alone time with that “one”. MaryAnn provides great writing and exciting vocals that are engineered to perfection.

Some tracks that we recommend for immediate listen are “Na Na Thas A No No“, “Vampin“, and “The Definition“. The full EP can be set on play from start to finish and is accompanied with multi-level turn-ups. Some tracks are simply meant for that car of females headed to turn up and some are set just for the BedRoomTrap set. Either way this EP is worth the listen and even more worth the purchase. GO SUPPORT OUR HOMIE AND DEAR FRIEND BY CLICKING HERE.



Music| @Iceedwards Returns With A New Trance Track “P*ssy Game Like Vacation”

• One of GoodGarbs first music artist ever posted was on the short big homie IceEdwards, whose feet is barely touching the ground in the photo above. The anomalous rapper, producer, dancer known as Ice Edwards has been quietly becoming a lab rat as he has been preparing musical works for his cult like following. Using his hilarious lyrical tactics, Ice returns to the scene with a classical sounding record. Inspired by the female anatomy, “Pussy Game Like Vacation” pays homage to man’s Kryptonite and tells the story of how IceEdwards takes a mini-vacation in the “Phat-Rabbit” (his words, not ours). Not the most child friendly song, the track is produced by some of the games upcoming gladiators Marvel Alexander of Modern Outfit and New York based producer/rapper Crsytal Caines. Ice has retained a great rapport with both producers as they have worked on multiple previous projects and we believe these relationships will only blossom. Now that we here at headquarters have replayed the track 22 times, we suggest you take the umbrella out of your pineapple drink, lean back in your hammock, and enjoy this musical vacation.


Music| Listen To New Track From @GWAPOEHUSSLE “#LostMyPlug”

• Hailing from New Jersey, is a new trap promoting, auto-tune inspired, lyrical artist going by the unique name Poe Hussle. Born in Morocco but raised in Piscataway, New Jersey, The 27 year-old rapper delivers a new party prepared track “#LostMyPlug” for those who can relate to losing a “Plug”. Produced by Ace Bankz, the track maintains the necessary high tempo hi-hats, 808 bass drums and the soft mysterious instruments ringing in the background. The lyrics deliberately speak on the struggle of handling street business and coming short on the highly demanded plug. From Poe Hussle’s point of view, he has to get an immediate replacement so he can continue to supply the streets. We just hope Poe Hussle continues to supply fans with dope music and maybe soon some visuals. The young talent has spoken to use directly of a soon to drop project set for October, but as always we at GoodGarbs will keep you updated. Now Click Play on “#LostMyPlug” and Give Us Your Feedback.


Music| Drake Releases Meek Mill Response & Two New Songs

OVO Sound has begun it’s transition from a team built brand to a nation based label from Canada. Drake’s recent contract with Apple detailing Drake as a Disc Jockey with an OVO radio station has haltered OVO Sounds as the ship sailing Canadian artist into the mainstream. Exploiting upcoming artist like Roy Woods, PartyNextDoor and Majid Jordan, Drake recently took the chance to publicly stream his response record to the recent Meek Mill issue with his response track “Charged Up“. Late night, that trance-based production OVO is so known for is broadcasted and Drake’s voice host some targeted lyrics. No names are dropped but if you have paid a second of attention to social media you can place the puzzle pieces together. Drake showcases his love for music by releasing two accompanying tracks, “Right Hand” & “Hot Line Bling“. Both uptempo and hypnotic, these two club-ready hits are just in time to co-promote both OVO Sound Radio and the highly anticipated “Views From The 6” album.