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Event| ‘#LIKEMICHEALANGELO’ Pop Up Art Shop feat. Zaedough, GratefulApparel & More.


• September 5th marks the one year anniversary of the artist known as Zaedough, who held his very first event and began his journey as a growing canvas painter. Isaiah J Tate, is the Detroit born and raised talent who has taken on the persona of Zaedough a creative being who creates timeless pieces of art that hits every genre and age group. To celebrate a full year of accomplishments Zaedough has teamed up with sneaker and street apparel boutique TakeOver in Montclair, NJ, along with streetwear brand GratefulApparel and of course us at GoodGarbs. The theme #LikeMike & #MyLikeMikeStory speaks on the culture that has been embedded into our generations mindset when it pertains to ambition, hard work and the materials we value today. Isaiah J Tate, will be doing a list of showcases from a 5 piece Painting exhibit to a musical performance and even a few clothing capsule in collaboration with GratefulApparel.  To get personal you can even expect a Q&A segment with the artist and special guest from that evening. Takeover Boutique has kindly offered their venue to help celebrate this event and as distributors of the Jordan Brand this theme fits perfectly.  This event is to help build the idea of what Culture means to us today while providing high level entertainment. We will be updating you daily with video and more visuals until September 5th so enjoy!



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