Fashion| Tackma Spring 2015 Collection Drop 1


• To the general public, the letter “T” lighting bolt may not spark any major significance, but to the fashion, sports and music industry, the Ohio based brand is a renown name. Hailing from the middle eastern state, it is no wonder that Tackma (They Can All Kiss My A**) was first spotted by NBA All-Star Lebron James. Many other influential individuals such as Drake, Pusha-T, Carmelo Anthony and many more have been noticed setting themselves apart with this rising brand holstered on their jackets and hats. Tackma has now decided that fashion lovers around the world deserve to experience this brands clean tailoring and custom-made accents. Today Tackma releases their first portion of their Spring 2015 collection with a lookbook. Accenting a few of their popular silhouettes, Tackma creates yet another capsule of sportswear-inspired comfort fits. The spring collection features signature items such as its tailored varsity jackets, stealth hoodies, and double layered chinos. The collection takes inspiration from the military practice of “R&R” – Rest and Relaxation – designed to be casual but ready to move at a moments notice. Drop 1 from the collection launches today in select retailers such as CNCPTS, NEXT, UBIQ, UNKNWN, amongst others, plus globally at Tackma webstore.

ENJOY Tackma Spring 2015 Collection ‘DROP1’ BELOW!

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