Fashion| Check Out Ethik Clothing New FlagShip Store

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• Our Good friends at Ethik Clothing Co. have finally decided on the perfect location to place their latest Flag Ship store and The City of Love (Philadelphia) was the city of choice. Smack dab in the heart of Downtown Philly, is the medium sized boutique hosting all of Ethik’s top designs and pieces. The underground streetwear brand has patiently waited to find the ideal location as they have been collaborating, supporting and promoting the many partners and friends from the Philly area. Now as a true resident of Philly, the clothing brand has made a statement about consistency and hard-work as we witness this brand establish and identity in a city full of big names. Located directly across from Adidas and stationed in-between American restaurant’s Johnny Rockets and Fat Tuesday’s at the heart of South Street, the store has many of reasons to stop by. This decision was soon to come as Ethik has been hosting a year long pop-up shop that was located further up the block. Now with their own address, the brand debuts some highlighted articles as well as some unseen pieces for fans to enjoy. Besides supplying their own products, the flag-ship location also supports brands such as POW!! Skateboards. Kobra Cans, Junobo Mops, and local skate hardware companies.

Large swathes of the wall are covered with mahogany wood, built in shelving with a permitter of lighting to illuminate the racks. Like our NYC store a 5 foot custom logo was hand crafted to be placed on the back wall, also illuminated from the back with LED lighting.The top walls are decorated with the works of famed East Coast Street Artists. The style of the store is small but unique and gives the feeling of a fashionable home for streetwear buyers. We can expect more from the brand as they continue to grow and journey down the East Coast.


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