Music| @LilTJay Mourns The Death Of Pop Smoke In New Song “Forever Pop”

As the World and the entire Hip-Hop community continues to mourn the death of 20 year old New York-based rapper Pop Smoke, a close friend and fellow NY artist, Lil T Jay has unveiled some heartfelt words for his dear friend. Not long after news broke out that Pop Smoke was fatally shot in a house in the Hollywood Hills on Feb. 19th, T jay decided to pay homage in this sincere tribute track dubbed “Forever Pop

Even though these two rappers hail from neighboring boroughs in New York City, their energy and chemistry on record was unmatched in this era. More like brothers, Lil TJay and Pop Smoke supported one another’s careers as they exchanged bars and shared tracks on many occasions just last year. They traded verses first on “War” and then on “Mannequin”. With more time we were positive plenty of more Pop & TJay records were to follow.

Lil TJay gives story after story and plenty of detailed experiences with his friend over the Othello-produced instrumental. Wanting to maintain the momentum shared with Pop Smoke, is the cornerstone message of this tribute as you can sense the pain and perseverance in his bars.

“Rest my n*gga Pop Smoke, know I’m lettin’ shots go/ At any n*gga, fuck it, I inherited the opps folk/ Know I’m finna make it to the tippy-tippy top, bro, for you/ I knew that’s what you wanna see me do/ Can’t believe this sh*t, I can’t believe this sh*t is true/ Took you out your glory, who wanna see you lose?/ Woke up in the mornin’, see my n*gga on the news/ And I’m still like “Damn”, tryna put together screws.”

To the close of this record we even get some words shared by Pop Smoke about the pressure of success and maintaining a sound mind.

“I’ma say, give like a lesson to my younger n*ggas, you feel me? Now, you n*ggas like us, coming from where we come from, you can’t afford to f*ck up. You can’t afford to slip up, make no mistakes, you heard? ‘Cause, they watchin’, and they, and they, they want us to, you know what I’m saying? We got all odds against us.”

Take A Full Listen To Lil TJay’s Tribute Track To Pop Smoke “Forever Pop” Above!

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