Music| @RU_AreYou Offers New Movement-Inspired Single "DANCE" Visual



Making his 2020 debut, Artist/Producer Ru AREYOU returns from his release of a visual for his instrumental single “A Rare Evening“. Hailing from his charting EP ‘A Rare Evening‘, the music video opens with Ru sitting on a couch, surrounded by women. While you might expect him to rap or sing on the record, you instead find yourself enraptured by aesthetically pleasing visuals, accentuating Ru’s sound choices. Within the record, you’ll hear where the music takes some interesting turns, including a moment which makes the audience feel a rush of vibrations throughout their body, leading them to a quick climax of euphoria.


RU’s new record “DANCE“, sounds like an elevated, dreamy vintage party. In the “Dance” music video, Phil Tayag makes his return to the mic as “SACBxY” displaying how a real Sacramentian approaches the scene. The two enlightened “Sac Boyz” enter the function with a subtle flex of Gucci. 

They take the lead on the day party with an original dance groove created by SACbxY called the #sacboy while reciting playful lyrics for the culture. Watch the full music video shot/directed by Deangelo Harding.

Watch RU-AREYOU’s “A Rare Evening” Music Video Above and View His New Single “DANCE” Below!

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