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F.A.M.E| 5 Tumblr’s We Follow Series #1

• So we at GoodGarbs want to share our TL (timelines) from our many social media sites. We have done an Istagram version of this and now want to show off our Tumblr selection of sites we follow. Honestly we know you will want to visit so we have placed their links on here for you to visit. For this first edition is for those who love gorgeous women, luxurious cars, high fashion, and more gorgeous women. ENJOY!


This amatuer photographer displays her view on life and the things she love on this page. Her views include women, fashion, tattoos, and foodporn. ENJOY!


Hailing from Portugal, this blog is dedicated to cars, architecture and women. Giving an amazing visual view of details in high-end cars is what drew us to this page. This Is One Of Our favorites.


This page consist a collection of events developed by a united group of socialites who gives New York a reason to come out and enjoy life. S/O to #TheGreatestDayEver


335mm is a contribution given by Photographer, Videographer & designer Are Bernard. This site is dedicated to the gorgeous women Are captures on his lens. Gentlemen Have Fun.

File under: Double breasted, Blazers, Color pop, Ties, Pocket squares</p>

Complete Wealth 

Complete Wealth is a visual offering of all things Fashionably Correct in the world of Gentlemen’s attire. Pocket Squares, Blazers, Slacks, Bow Ties and everything that makes a Distinguished Gentleman. Trust Us this will help you get your closet in order.


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