F.A.M.E.| 5 Tumblrs That We Are Enjoying for “Lavish”

• This Weeks Tumblr’s came from the search word ‘Lavish’ and each site delivers this message in their own way. Enjoy the Lavish lifestyle from some really dope Tumblrs.


Skmox is a seductive site that exhibits lavish views, cars, homes, fashion, and gorgeous women. A bouquet of roses or a plate of caviar covered crepes tend to make the skmox timeline. Our favorite part of this collective is the slogan that it has branded..

"Look Pretty, Play Dirty"


Lavish living comes in many different ways, and true smokers would agree that there is a upscale way to enjoy your smoke. Headysesh is the leading example of lavish smoking with some exclusive bong pieces and smoke pipes. There exist a lavish way to do everything in life, you just have to find yours.


This Guy Next Dior has some very expensive taste with visuals of American Express Black Cards outside of SAKS FIFTH and a days shopping at Hermes & Saint Laurent. Ladies can catch an eye full of the lavish male models this site tends to flaunt from time to time.


Another site that gives lavish a tasty look is Delicious-Design, which shows creative culinary creations and the marvelous locations these meals are cooked and served in. Marble counter tops, glass dinning room tables accompany stuffed peppers filled with brown rice and a vegetable medley. #FoodPorn for sure.


GlamorousVienna is the view of the lavish nightlife. Bottles of Don Perignon, a collection of high-end high heels, and scenery from amazing event rooftops. From a young inspired youthful comes an adventurous delivery of Lavish Living at Night!




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